Ballet Magnificat!

Friday, January 25th at 7:00 pm

Free Admission

Prodigal’s Journey: Life in a small town is shaken up when a husband suddenly forsakes his loving wife and daughter and leaves with the desire to be free and find enjoyment and fulfillment in life. Heartbroken, the wife and daughter struggle to forgive him and eagerly await his return. The journey that the husband thought would bring pleasure ends up producing only sorrow and regret. After reaching the “dead-end” of a lifetime, the husband returns home to ask forgiveness from his family- and he is received with open arms. A touching tale of forgiveness and restoration set to a mélange of classical ballet, jazz, modern and even some swing dance! Experience the power of restoration as the Prodigal journeys home.

A ballet by Jiri Sebastian Voborsky


With high-energy programs and powerful delivery, Ballet Magnificat! shatters the stereotypical image of ballet. Ballet Magnificat!’s multiple professional touring companies were founded by Kathy Thibodeaux, silver medalist at the second USA International Ballet Competition. 

Since its inception in 1986, Ballet Magnificat! has performed before an estimated 12 million people around the world. Today Ballet Magnificat! has grown to include two troupes performing more than 200 programs annually across the US and internationally; the Summer Dance Intensive, where students and instructors receive training at Ballet Magnificat’s Jackson, Mississippi, studio; and the School of the Arts, providing ongoing instruction for students ages 3 to adult within a nurturing Christ-centered environment.


Kaufman writes, “There’s no denying the emotional power of this company….These dancers have the kind of lit-from-within presence rarely seen outside the premier companies, and even there the radiant projection of feeling can be spotty.”

“It’s easy to see why this company inspires such passion….But the greater secular ballet world could learn from the commitment of Ballet Magnificat’s dancers—and from its steady production of original material.”

Prodigal's journey

Experience the World's Premier Christian Dance Company at ChristChurch in the Recreation Place!